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Academic Peers NL

Connecting academics from around the Netherlands. was created to help connect academics with peers in the Netherlands. All academics working in the Netherlands (TT/ assistant, associate and full professors) are welcome to join. Members can create groups, organize activities, and search peer profiles. 

To join as a new peer: Go to the Peers page (, click the Login button and select Sign Up. 

Academic Peers NL is a free, noncommercial website created by members of the Dutch sektorplan beta & techniek committee for all academics in the Netherlands. It was created using the website developer by Prof. Margot Gerritsen (Stanford, member sektorplan beta). Ignore the .com ending of this website, ignore any optional credit card inputs. We will never share information outside the network, we will never ask for any financial contributions or donations. We will never use advertisements on the site. 

For any questions, or support, please see our Contact page.

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