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I am an assistant professor in statistics at the University of Twente. Characteristic for my research is the combination of new concepts developed in the theoretical statistics literature with modern applications, mainly from biology and physics. Together with my two PhD students I am working on theoretical and applied problems in multiple testing in complex and dependent data.

What is my favorite project at this moment?

My favorite project is the “Sports, data, and interaction” project, which combines expertise in measurement of athletes, advanced statistical models for analysing and modeling the resulting data, and interaction technology for making the resulting insights useful in training context. In this project, three PIs, three PhD students and various master and bachelor students from electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics are collaborating in a very productive way.

What are my fondest hopes for my research and my teaching for the next few years?

I hope that some day, some of my research will be useful for the scientific advancement of other fields such as biology, physics or engineering, helping to answer relevant questions in these fields.

I hope that my teaching will inspire my students and draw their interest to mathematics in general and statistics in particular.

What one thing would I invent if I could?

A machine that can grade exams of any kind quickly, reliably and autonomously.

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Katharina Proksch

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