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I am an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology with a group focussing on applying bioanalytical tools for upstream bioprocess development, optimization, and control.

What attracted me to my new department and university?

The wide variety of topics covered at the Department of Biotechnology was of importance for me as it is a good basis of interdisciplinary research. Moreover, the department has long standing collaborations with various research institutes in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as with the industry. This allows for the opportunity to development relevant applications of research output.

What are my one or two most favorite projects at this moment?

At this moment, my favorite project is the implementation of process analytical technology within the Department of Biotechnology.

What are my fondest hopes for my research and my teaching for the next few years?

My fondest hope for research is to build a lab that supports fundamental and applied (continuous) process development projects by means of state-of-the-art process analytical technology. As a teacher I hope to provide students an environment in which they become (even more) enthousiastic about research on the border of process development, bioanalytics, and data science.


Marieke Klijn

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