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Hi all!

I'm Robin, currently working at Reactor Institute at Delft University of Technology. My research focuses on the compartmentology of elements and radionuclides in medicine, including radionuclide production and separation, radiotherapeutics for cancer therapy, and metabolism, intercompartmental kinetics and excretion of metals. I'm particularly excited about one of my projects where I'm working on the development of a non- fissile nanoparticle-based radionuclide generator. Targeted radiotherapy allows for personalized cancer treatment, but essential radioisotopes are often in short supply. This generator will provide hospitals with an easy on-site large radioisotope supply, and can be re-irradiated and re-used many times.

A bit about myself: prior to starting my current appointment at Delft University of Technology, I was a Postdoc at Argonne National Laboratory, USA, where I worked on linear accelerator based radionuclide production and the use of high-LET auger emitters in cancer therapy. I'm definitely no stranger at the TU Delft though, as I also finished my bachelors, masters and PhD here. During my PhD thesis, I investigated the use of high-LET, alpha-emitting radionuclides for the treatment of metastasized cancer. I'm glad to be back in Delft now as tenure tracker!

Next to my research, I'm also actively involved in teaching at the faculty of Applied sciences, in both the BSc and MSc programs of MST (molecular science and technology), AP (applied physics) and CE (chemical engineering). I very much enjoy interacting with the students, and while that's been a bit more of a challenge during the recent covid period, it has enabled me to become more of a creative teacher. I hope to make my teaching more inspiring and interactive in the years to come!

Outide of my research and teaching work, I enjoy being part of the company first responders, and you can often find me serving drinks in our company bar. Furthermore, I currently serve as Chair of the Dutch Young Generation, a network for young employees working in the nuclear field.

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Robin de Kruijff

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