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Valentijn Karemaker (she/her/hers)

I am an asistant professor at Utrecht University. My research is in arithmetic geometry, which lies at the intersection of number theory and algebraic geometry. After obtaining my PhD in Utrecht I was a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania. Before returning to Utrecht I spent one year at Stockholm University.

My professional website:

What attracted me to my new department and university?

For me Utrecht University is very stimulating environment that provides a lot of opportunities for scientific exchanges. I really enjoy discussing mathematics with my colleagues as well as with my students.

What are my one or two most favorite projects at this moment?

My research area generally concerns algebraic varieties, which are geometric objects defined by polynomial equations. Currently I am focussing on the properties of varieties that are defined over finite fields, that is, where arithmetic is modular.

What are my hopes for my research and my teaching for the next few years?

In my research I hope to unravel the behaviour of invariants that determine the arithmetic properties of varieties.

I hope my students will enjoy working with abstract mathematics and logical reasoning, and that they will be able to apply the skills they develop wherever they go after their studies.

What I'd like to explore, learn or do with other scientists

I would like to share the joy and wonder involved with scientific research and discoveries as widely as possible.

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