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I am an Assistant Professor at the Cognitive Robotics Department in TU Delft, where I direct my research group, Haptic Interface Technology Lab (HITLab). Our research focuses on leveraging the knowledge of human touch sense to create natural, engaging, and customizable tactile interactions in digital environments.

What attracted me to my new department and university?

My department consists of internationally recognized robotics, machine perception, and haptics experts, providing excellent support and collaboration opportunities. I also benefit from the vibrant and cooperative environment of the university.

What are my one or two most favorite projects at this moment?

Imagine you could feel the brush strokes of Van Gogh in his Starry Night painting, the fur of your beloved pet on a Zoom call, or tissues in medical images. I investigate device design and texture modeling techniques to create natural tactile texture feels in digital environments to enable this breakthrough.

What one thing would I invent if I could?

I would invent a device and algorithm that can emulate any tactile feel across diverse human sensations.

What I'd like to explore, learn, or do with other scientists?

I would love to explore the possibilities of using active materials for multimodal and high-resolution tactile devices and data-driven modeling of human cognitive decisions for tactile interactions.

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Yasemin Vardar

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